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Carsew was about to enter the shuttle when he got the message about returning to Korriban. He opened a commlink to the bridge.

"Captain. We are going into hyperspace to Korriban," he said. "Only us, leave the rest under command of Dark Jedi Ulgut. His orders are to stay and guard the planet."

"Yes, Lord Adelt." Carsew smiled and walked back up towards the bridge, every soldier in the way moving as soon as he approached.

As he swept through the bridge doors, the ship started to move into hyperspace, the stars becoming long white lines, and then just a blue tunnel. Carsew smiled and walked over to the window, overlooking the hyperspace travelling ship.

Hours later, or seconds for everyone else, Carsew's ship arrived to Korriban. He overlooked the collection of ships here. The Centurion-cruiser positioned herself close to the planet. Carsew took his shuttle down to the planet, to the Sith Academy landing. He walked through the corridors of this ancient place, marvelling at the architecture, to arrive at their meeting room. He opened the door to find a large, round table, with chairs for the Sith Lords. One of them was occupied by Revan. Carsew bowed.

"Lord Revan, you summoned me."

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