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"Query: How can I finish my mission if my Master left the system?"
"Statement: I can't understand organic meatbags even if it is my Master."

HK wanted to continue talking to himself, but suddenly he heard a noise. A human being can't hear such noises but he can. He followed the silent noise all the way to it's source. It was coming from a hidden cave under some ruins.
"Statement: Photoreceptors online."
The cave was pretty empty and dark itself but he could still hear that noise. Hk suddenly noiced a light in the dark. He didn't want to bother that thing......whatever it was....He just zoomed in to get a better view on it. It seemed to be a.......meditating Jedi. HK loaded his sniper rifle and shot. The jedi sensed it and he dodged it in the last second. HK turned off his photoreceptors. He wanted to hide in the darkness of the cave. The jedi couldn't see him and he couldn't see the jedi......

Bink's Sake

"I've barely eaten anything for many decades now. It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back........though i don't have a stomach or back because i'm a skeleton! Yohohohoho! SKULL JOKE!"

"My eyes have never seen such a pretty woman! But i'm a skeleton so my eyes don't see much."
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