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Role play Bastila as exile

Not sure if this is the appropriate thread as I'm not starting a story telling type thread. I'm just looking for thoughts and ideas. Anyways, I'm going to play the game with Bastila as the exile... and was wondering if any of you had ideas on background history to "fill in the gaps" and make the scenario believable. Revan and thus Bastila chose the dark side before confronting Malak.

I thought about having Bastila as another amnesiac general exile. But of course there are problems with that. One of which, she would have to lose and regain her powers twice. (Though I could make that into one of Revan's experiments)

For another scenario:

I also thought about Bastila finding the exile .. and perhaps with Revan's help somehow absorbing the exile's essence (upon the exile's death?) as she somehow assumes the perceived identity and the powers (or lack thereof) of the exile. The jedi council members wouldn't be able to tell that this was bastila. They would be fooled into thinking that the person they condemned was the same person they met up again with upon the "exile's return."

I'm not 100% happy with either of my ideas. Just looking to see if any of you have ideas on creating some believable background history.
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