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"Yes. It is indeed disturbing that the human has chosen to follow the fox," Carsew said, then leaning his head a bit to the side, like a small child looking at something strange. "We might even have to kill him."

Chaos just shook his head and let out another laugh.

"You don't get it do you? This is not a matter of which side she has chosen or for that matter her fate. What does matter is who she is and where she's come from."

"The time has come for us to take command. What I propose is an alliance between us, Lord Chaos. Together we can apprehend the human and take control of Pheyzozia. Forever. What do you say?"

"My dear Carsew you are indeed cunning but you do not see the whole picture at hand here. Worship me as your only god and master and I will give to you all of Pheyzozia. All I need is for you to get this girl and bring her to my lair in the Underworld of Pheyzozia. The blind one will take her to a place where my powers are rendered useless and I can be killed once and for all. You however will be able to pass through this barrier with ease. If you can bring her to my lair than she can read the ancient stone to blocks the gates to giving my deadly powers back."

Chaos looked at the wine and within seconds it disapeared from the glass and was already inside his stomach. He put the glass down and paced around the room for a few seconds.

"You recall my first attempt to overthrow Pheyzozia? I battled the other gods for many days but was finally driven back where I was stripped of many powers. My next attempt came with my sworn enemy Kyuzo. He fell to our world from another. Being weak already I was able to detect him first. I tricked him and almost had gotten him to read the stone until I found out he had actually tricked me. He was warned by the other gods about who I was and followed me to my lair to read the stone. I found out that he was blind then and in reality he read what was not there thus creating the barrier that now prevents me from travelling all over this world. I did learn however the markings on the stone are "Japanese". This Emily girl speaks this langauge and should be able to read it. You need to convince the girl the group she is with is evil and contact the goddess of mischief. She should be able to crate the allusion that my world is not as dark and evil as it appears to be. The girl will then read the stone and unlock my powers once more. I will open a portal to her own world where we will send your army to. We will conquer this world and hers where you will be given this world and the goddes of mischief will be given the girls. I will oversee both worlds as all mighty gods should and than everything will fall to Chaos."

He let out another laugh after his plan before looking out at the view.

"This world will look much better in black and red, all I need is your help Carsew. The blind one was able to best me once but not again. This time I will have the element of surprise. You get the girl and I will go get out large Troll friend. We'll need a powerful pawn in this little game of ours."
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