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Foerost was now completely under the control of the Sith's. Revans first conquest was pretty easy, all the cities surrendered to the new empire and their leaders. Revan was now on Korriban, looking the first students to train under the Sith Empire, the head master of the academy was Jorak Uln, an old Sith that fought along side of Exar Kun. Revan after looking at the new students decided to head to his chamber, waiting for the other sith's to arrive and discuss a new attack. Revan took his out a holocam to send a hologram to HK and let him know of his new duties.

“HK, Arrive to Korriban, take a ship from our base on Foerost and come to Korriban for new duties”- Revan ordered the assasin droid.

Yusu, arrived to the academy as well along side of Revan, Yusu took more time to see and test the new students.

“You, student!, whats you're name?”- Yusu asked a student on the training ground.
“ My name is Uthar Wynn, my lord.”- the student answered
“Oh, so you must be the head master apprentice, take you saber out student, let's see how you have been trained”- Yusu said

Uthar without hesitation took his lightsaber out and took a fighting posture, Yusu did as well and both entered on a duel, Uthar was trying hard to maintain of the fight, he was pretty skilled and well balanced on the force but he was not as strong as Yusu, in just minutes of duel Yusu manages to destroy Uthar's saber and let Uthar on the floor.

“You are strong, you just need experience”- Yusu says as he turns off his saber.
“Yes master, Thank you”- Uthar said with fear, since he thought that Yusu would kill him for failing on the duel.

Yusu turns and heads to the academy library, Yusu was once a Jedi Archeologist in his day's of Jedi, but his skills on the force and saber made him a more combatant Jedi. Yusu starts studying while he waits the arrive of the other Sith's.

Revan has going to get ready for meditation when Lord Carsew came to his chamber.

"Lord Revan, you summoned me."- Carsew asked
“Yes, we will start a meeting on the Academy's council chamber, await the arrival of the other Sith lords and then we will begin”- Revan ordered the Sith lord.

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