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Tyathe looked at Emily and smiles before he stretched out his long arms over his head and jutted out his chest causing his spine to pop in several places. He was still in his human form, which made him seem less intimidating to the people around, but he could move faster in his original demon form.

"I would like to walk. But... a ride sounds better. Where am I gonna get a ride?"

Her soft spoken words brought a smile to his face. As he stood there his skin started to peel from his flesh, and with every piece of skin that was falling to the ground fur started to take its place. Tyathe dropped to the ground on all fours as his body started to grow to its original size. His nose and mouth started to extend themselves forward into his muzzle and his ears traveled to the top of his head. His hands and feet started to take on the appearence of a dog, his sharp claws showing between his toes.

With his transformation complete he stood there next to Emily, his white fur blowing softly in the win, and his nine tails wrapped together giving the illusion once again that he only had one tail.

"You can ride on my back if you so chose." He looked down at Emily his mouth not moving but his words sound like they could echo for miles.

As he was speaking however he lowered his body closer to the ground and laid down, just in case she wanted to take a ride. Then he looked over at Kyuzo and watched him carefully.

"The same goes for you to Samurai. The faster we move, the better I believe."

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