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A smile spread across Tyathe's face at Kyuzo's words. He did enjoy to run quickly, for the feel of the wind blowing against his face and through his fur could not be described in any words that he would think of. For moments when he was running Tyathe almost believed he was flying.

"Hold on tight" he told them before taking off in one quick dash.

When his feet made contact with the ground it gave the sound of thunder lashing out through the clear morning sky. Giving off the illusion that a storm was near by and approaching. He could feel the ground vibrate beneath his feet as he ran. Tyathe made sure not to run at his top speed knowing his human companions wouldn't be able to with stand that type of speed. The air that circulated around them was intense and beautiful, almost like you good hear the goddess of nature laughing in enjoyment at the sight placed upon her sacred soil.

Tyathe knew what town the seer was suppose to be in, but there was no guarantee that the person would still be there. The seer made it a habit of just disappearing and reappearing some where else entirely. Sometimes it would be on the complete other end of Pheyzosia. So he knew they had to be quick about if they had any chance of finding the seer before they left.

After running into the mid afternoon finally the town was in site. Surrounded by large fence made up of cut down trees strapped together and buried into the ground. The top of the fence was shaved down to points. In the distance near the top you could see the archers walking around on the inside platforms standing guard for any trouble that could be headed they're way. Fro memory Tyathe knew the village itself was large, it had the ability to hold close to thousands of people. And depending on where you happened to wander the homes were either made of stone, or wood.

The smell of water filled the air, and even its steady sound could be heard as he drew closer to the village. Finally he stopped in front of it, near the draw bridge. Tyathe knew the rules, he wasn't allowed to walk inside the town in his demon form. Slowly he lowered himself to lay upon the ground to allow his companions to use they're legs once more.

"What is your business here Fox Demon?!" He heard one of the guards yell down at him.

Tyathe moved his head up to look at the guard speaking to him. The mans face looked warn and tired. His eyes showed little emotion, except for the frozen waste of his own soul. The guard that was speaking to him Tyathe knew very well, they didn't always see eye to eye but they had a mutal agreement with one another.

"I'm here searching for the seer, Roland" Tyathe responded.

Roland jutted out his chest a little and let how a disapproving sigh then nodded to the other guards to lower the gate. As the gate lowered it cracked, making it sound like it was older then it actually was. This bridge looked newer then the last time he was here. However the last tie he was here Roland looked much younger too.

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