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Originally Posted by Scarface43% View Post
I have played both KOTOR 1 and 2 on this computer using vista. I dont even get to a loading screen. it just comes up with black, then the whole program has crahsed would you like to close or search for a problem on the internet.
Are you using the swkotor(2).exe that's been fixed for Vista? I have an A205 (GL960 chipset, X3100 GPU and probably very similar to yours) and I found that you absolutely have to use that (with the game disc) with that chipset. Anything else (cough, cough) will crash the game.

You'll also want to open your Intel graphics driver control panel, click on "3D Options", look for "Flipping Policy" and set it to "Blit".

And yes, I got it running successfully on it.

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