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Originally Posted by Flaam View Post
I've tried that a few times now. I went to the link in the first post and got the file, extracted it, and replaced the old file with it 2 or 3 different times but I still can't play the game unless sound is disabled. I'll try it again just to make sure I'm really not messing it up, but I'm curious if this is the only fix to this sound problem?

Edit: I renamed the old file that was already in the main folder, and then put in the vista fix mss32.dll into the folder. I've looked through this thread quite a bit and have tried some other fixes (i.e. the install from the first post, the dantooine lag fix). If there is anything else you know that might help I'm willing to try it.
If your High Definition Audio is by Realtek, you could go to their site and look for the "Soundback Beta" in their downloads section. It's supposed to make HDA more compatible with legacy games.

Although this seems to be a sound-related problem, you have an ATI 4xxx GPU, which are notoriously bad for KotOR. I think DarthParametric, who uses a 4850, has had to resort to using a savegame from right after character creation and then using KSE to modify the PC to his liking. You should probably try something like that.

These games have always had trouble with ATI GPUs, which was one of the reasons why I stuck with Nvidia when I built my new rig.

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