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"Although you say you slept with my Mother, in your testosterone filled blunder, you do not notice that you live in my vicinity, you 12 year old still with your virginity, add to that my father is in my place, thinking of punching you in the face, he realizes with a start, you're the kid from the neighborhood that smells of fart, and starts to get his gun, tonight will be fun, and he walks to your house and rings the bell, ready to send an annoying little **** to hell.
-Me, on them annoying punks I constantly encounter on Xbox Live spouting "I ****ED YO MAMMA LOLOLOLOL"

Nice poem, don't you think?
I realize it's probably a bit over the top, but I had to come up with something, and my mind is a violent one.

P.S. : Now I have the taste of rhyming in my mouth, and I can't stop thinking of how to rhyme words.

"There is no way to be better than everyone else, but being kind and having a sense of humor certainly helps." -Me, my quote on life.
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