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Carsew smiled, a hint of mischeif in his eyes, but nothing anyone would notice. He walked around the table, stopping in front of Chaos. He was a feet shorter than the god.

"Of course I'll help you," he said, still a hint of mischief in his voice. "I'll go get the girl. Meet me back here." He laughed and walked on to the balcony, then he jumped away, turning into his demon form as he jumped. After a minute he was far away, visible only as a black dot in the distance. He had a plan.


The three men sat in a small tent, rain tapping on the roof. One of them was Carsew, the other two were bandits, dressed in torn, simple clothes, with a cutlass on their belts.

"...So what you are saying is that we attack this group of people, for 1000 florins? That is outrageous, where would you get that, and why give it to us." He looked at Carsew's sword. "When you seem capable of doing it yourself?"

"I have my reasons. Besides, do you want the florins or not?" Carsew said and pulled out a leather purse, gently waving it in front of the bandit's faces. They looked at it, following it with their eyes. Carsew dropped it in their hands.

"They are in the town near here, searching for some seer. Prepare your men," he said and exited the tent.

When it dawned the band of bandits, consisting of almost 200 men. Carsew was not with them. The guards looked down.

"Leave, bandits! You have no reason to be here!" one shouted. An arrow hit his head as soon as he had finished his sentence.

"Open the gates, fools!" the bandit leader shouted. Then his men carried ladders and hooks towards the wall.

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