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Originally Posted by noizer View Post
i prefer to think that he couldnt use it since he was more swordsman then a real force wielder.
People say that a lot, but he actually uses the force more than his two Jedi opponents in that battle (and nobody says they "were more swordsmen than real force wielders").

The trouble is that the EU basically established (long before this movie) that "Force Lightning" (nobody ever called it "Sith Lightning" until the prequel era, iirc) was a standard power that anybody could use, even if it were a "upper level" power. The Force was standardized. Sure, it started to show somebody was "whoa a powerful threat" but then everyone had it.

Suddenly Episode I comes up and nobody has it, oh wait, now Dooku has it, but he only uses one hand, oops, now Yoda can use it, sorta, etc.

I guess we're given too few examples of actual Force combat to really know how widespread this power is. Yoda and Obi-Wan seemed pretty competent combating it (and in Yoda's case even using it, though people are going to argue with me and say "well he only DEFLECTED and ABSORBED it," because they think it's eeeevil and Yoda "would never" use it, but whatever), even though supposedly this is a "Sith power" (never stated in the movie, but assumed outside of it since the movie came out) and nobody has fought a Sith in 1,000 years...

Which raises the other question of how Maul and Sideous got so powerful if all they ever had was each other to train with... It almost makes me wonder if in the Star Wars universe lightsaber skill isn't really learned, but thought to be some kind of innate ability, like instant knowledge from the Force or something that increases with power level? (sounds crazy right? no crazier than the other stuff we're given)

I think a lot of people treat Force users like Dragonball Z characters, and I guess I am too here. The games throw it all into confusion.

The idea that if Maul had it, he'd have used it, is a hard one to make, since a lot of Force powers are not used during duels (in fact, some of the usage first in Episode I and then here was a bit of a shock to a lot of folks, because they'd built up this belief over the years that you simple couldn't use such powers during a battle either because of some unspoken code of honor or that the concentration was so high that they couldn't do that, or else their powers always canceled each other out). But then we see quite clearly that lightning is used during a fight (or at least between fights). So who knows.

We can look back now and try to quantify it all, but to me, it seems that Lucas was just being stylistic... the Jedi and Sith get or lose ("forget to use") powers based on the needs of the entertainment for the moment, much like comic book super heroes.

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