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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Hmm. Very good. With your help we seem to have stumbled upon this much:
Occupied, but to what extent? That is the question here. All this time, what *really* went on beyond the outer rim?

Were Revan and Exile causing havoc and trouble for the sith empire? Sure.

Trouble the ancient Emperor couldn't handle? I don't think so. I think it was all part of his master plan.


From a present, looking back view from there, my thought:
The emperor kept Revan and Exile's factions "on a treadmill", so to speak. To deceptively pit his own military against the factions of Revan and Exile which he also orchestrated; neither their sides, nor his own, aware of the greater scheme while in play, though mindful of eventualities that could arise. To have his military "prepare" for 300 years by fighting the best the republic could forge, permanently entrapped until their doom. All the while keeping an eye on the Republic.

Sinister and cunning...

They prepared:
His own military, the majority legitimately believing for the time being that they were under attack. Eventually only to see that war conclude and see it was all a part of the ancient master's plan.

They grew stronger:
With victory, as well as vision and revelation by their master to assure them, they grew in numbers, and their resolve at its strongest.

They Returned:
A complacent and dysfunctional Republic at a low point is the ideal time. They saw the opening and went for it.

What do you think?
Also, Revan and the Exile also served as strong leaders, something the Sith needed to stay united. Each of these factions had someone holding them together, being defined and built by the conflict that was (this is sorta touching up on Kreia's "finding oneself [or lack thereof]").

At the same time, if it was entirely orchestrated by the Sith Emperor, I'm not sure how he would necessarily end the conflict, since he would have to somehow stay out of it or somehow play both sides like Darth Sidious. But even in his case (looking at it as purely a Republic-CIS conflict), the participants to both sides were detached to the whole conflict -- droids don't have emotions and the troopers were indoctrinated to the extreme to only be useful to the Republic/Empire. He (Sith Emperor) would either have to A) convince them at the external enemy (Republic) was going to attack them, or B) wipe one side out and lead remaining faction against the Republic.

Although, this third option popped in my head (as I type this post), being that Revan and the Exile ignited the civil war amongst the Sith to weaken them for a Republic invasion that would wipe them out (since the Republic would be rebuilt, and the Jedi Order reformed under a new set of teachings), but then the Sith Emperor managed to take control of the civil war, drawing it out long enough for the Republic to grow complacent, when he catches them unprepared.

He may have had to make his move rather early, since Revan and the Exile would have eventually returned to Republic space and had them make their move.
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