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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Ars technica just reported that 97% of intel testers recommend Windows 7.
lolz....anyone who uses intel is a fool!

*covers corei7 rig*

still exorcising the AMD fanboy will take a few months I think

W7 is a couple of weeks from going mainstream retail. I must admit I have been very impressed with it on my HTPC and tablet. I havent moved onto W7 full time on my gaming rig purely because some of my game installs are in Vista and I cant be bothered reinstalling in W7. Once the Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Bisoshock sequels etc come out - I'll be switching over

I think Windows 7 and the Zune HD will turn over a new leaf for MS. Here are three more things they could do to really make a dent in other markets. So far Ive been pretty good with my predictions - bluray winning the format war, ps3 price drops, so you can bet your lego house on these
>the zune phone. A tegra based phone with the zunes multimedia capacity will be a much welcomed competitor to the iphone
>The next gen Xbox - make it bluray and a native PVR(like the PS3 playTV addon) and you have a zillion seller
>MS to enter the e-reader market. E-readers are gradually becoming more mainstream, but at $200 a pop(for the cheapest) ones are still a bit expensive. I really want one that is mildly felexible... like a real book


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