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Why Halloo Thar.

Hey folks, sorry if I make posting errors. I am fairly new to forums in general and fail at the internets.

I was looking up my fanfic username to get a link for a friend, and noticed that people ACTUALLY liked some of my fics. That isn't meant to be sarcastic; I was just happy to see that a few of my stories were mentioned.

I'm in the process of hacking and slashing up All Is Calm to rewrite it. You know, get rid of Mary Sue-ish characteristics, ditch quite a few original characters, edit the plot twists, etc. Lemme know if you are still interested, because it was the only one I never finished, and I'm itching at getting it done, once school stress dies down.

Also, taking requests for new short Pnauts stories. Any pairings, etc. you'd like to see? Is even the main source for these things anymore? It has been so long since I've posted a story, sorry.
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