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Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
QFT. I didn't mind the first season, especially after they got rid of the name 'Sky-guy'. The premiere for season 2 was far, far better than anything in the first season, though.

I played the demo for this game on my PS3 the other day. It was...lame. TFU on the PS2 was more fun (and you know I've sunk to the depths of boredom with something when I say that ). The little lock puzzles were stupid. I knew exactly how to work them about one second after I saw 'em, but the stupid things kept turning in the opposite direction I wanted them to go! -_-

Also, the Clone level was annoying. It was too hard to pick myself out from the others, and it was waaaay too easy to take down those hordes of battle droids.

The Jedi level was just...terrible. The combat was lame, and the characters' voices, (which are usually well-acted in the show), sounded...distinctly bored.

Krome hasn't impressed me.

Oh, well. Maybe they'll make a decent game out of the second season. (sigh)
Well I'm a sucker for game that everybody else hates, like the Harry Potter games for PC, and gameboy color. They have extremely low ratings, but I find myself playing them again for the hundredth time. And I personally love the new 3D platforming engine that LEGO Star Wars introduced.

Another thing that helps me to play the demo of the new game, is that my whole family are star wars fans, and my little five year old sister adores Ahsoka. And then she heard that you could actually PLAY her. OMG!
Now I am having to play with her everyday.

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