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Originally Posted by GTA
Michal, Mira, Visas, Brianna (even if she did not join the exile), Juhani, Jolee, maybe Bao Dur--and of course Bastilla. They will be the foundation upon which the future order will be built. Not so sure about Atton, though.
I dunno about Jolee and Juhani... they never even hinted at what happened to them after k1, and if they had survived Sion's assassination campaign. Hopefully the fact the Bastila survived hints that they may have survived too.

Brianna: She didnt have much to do with the canon female exile, other than a good conversation on Telos... what makes you think that she will become a jedi?

Atton and Bao-Dur seemed wildcards.
I wonder whats up with the fact that Kreia couldn't see Bao Dur's future...

Atton--would not surprise me if he wnet to become one of the most notorious scamsters the galaxy ever saw. Like he tried to be Jedi, but couldn't hack it with the Exile having gone. Or maybe he went with the Exile. I find it difficult to believe he'd be brushed aside like nothing.
I always had the feeling he would be part of the "Lost Jedi", and sit on the new council with the others.

I forsee this: Mandalore and his band will sort of act as a stealth band. Whatever they do to help the republic will probably be in their own interest, ultimately. Or they may choose sith for the same reason. Whatever it takes to survive/prosper and whatever leads to another glorious battle. That much we can count on. I'm not entirely convinced the Madalorians aren't willing to deal in the exchange again. Canderous did it, albeit warily.
I just saw a YT vid of Kreia's prophecies. This is what she said regarding Canderous:
Originally Posted by Darth Traya on Malachor
Many battles does that one have left in him, as Revan intended. A general needs an army, as he needs those he trusts.
See the underlined bit? "A general needs an army..."
An army is used for war. That seems to imply that Revan intended to actually fight a war. Also, it makes you wonder what Kreia meant:
Perhaps you shall go there with him, and do battle at th end of all things
Sounds quite apocalyptic... Like, the end of the Star Wars universe...
Mission...She'd probably become a republic agent. Her tenacity...I'm sure she'd make some kind of impact. Carth probably employing her.
That's exactly what I thought would happen to her too.
True. Not sure what ever became of the exile in the canonical ending. However, the statues out in front of the Jedi Temple on coruscant surely were recognition of those two--I think. Looks like it, anyway.
Eh? Here's the front from the TOR "Deceived" trailer:

^ That just looks like random generic jedi to me...
Originally Posted by Zerimar
I've never really thought much about it. I assume that Revan will have gone out in a blaze of glory, giving his life as he battles the "true Sith." Bastila may sense his death, move on, find someone new and have a child (she has a confirmed decedent in The Old Republic lead-in comic series; and while most people assume that she must have reunited with Revan at some point, I've always believed otherwise).
Originally Posted by GTA
^^^That will be interesting to find out. Whether or not her descendant is only of Basty or if she is of Revan's bloodline also. Remember, Basty was still alive in TSL in either scenario. It is entirely possible she could have given up on being a Jedi for a while...possibly to raise a child? Or you could be right, and she found someone else after sensing Revan's fall, but that would need to be confirmed. I suspect we will find out the truth. In either case, Basty's descendant, I think will have some kind of shocking tragic revelation.
Its Revan. I refuse to believe otherwise.

... And you lot seem to forget they had an entire year to "propagate".
After all we do see where T-3 ends up. Agree or disagree?
AFAIK, he left with the Exile to find Revan... was there anything else?
Originally Posted by DAWUSS
Maybe he could have played them both and had them draw massive armies behind them, keeping the Sith occupied while the Republic once again grew complacent, evident in how they were caught blindsided when the True Sith invaded.
Originally Posted by GTA
From a present, looking back view from there, my thought:
The emperor kept Revan and Exile's factions "on a treadmill", so to speak. To deceptively pit his own military against the factions of Revan and Exile which he also orchestrated; neither their sides, nor his own, aware of the greater scheme while in play, though mindful of eventualities that could arise. To have his military "prepare" for 300 years by fighting the best the republic could forge, permanently entrapped until their doom. All the while keeping an eye on the Republic.

Sinister and cunning...

They prepared:
His own military, the majority legitimately believing for the time being that they were under attack. Eventually only to see that war conclude and see it was all a part of the ancient master's plan.

They grew stronger:
With victory, as well as vision and revelation by their master to assure them, they grew in numbers, and their resolve at its strongest.

They Returned:
A complacent and dysfunctional Republic at a low point is the ideal time. They saw the opening and went for it.

What do you think?
Originally Posted by DAWUSS
At the same time, if it was entirely orchestrated by the Sith Emperor, I'm not sure how he would necessarily end the conflict, since he would have to somehow stay out of it or somehow play both sides like Darth Sidious. But even in his case (looking at it as purely a Republic-CIS conflict), the participants to both sides were detached to the whole conflict -- droids don't have emotions and the troopers were indoctrinated to the extreme to only be useful to the Republic/Empire. He (Sith Emperor) would either have to A) convince them at the external enemy (Republic) was going to attack them, or B) wipe one side out and lead remaining faction against the Republic.

Although, this third option popped in my head (as I type this post), being that Revan and the Exile ignited the civil war amongst the Sith to weaken them for a Republic invasion that would wipe them out (since the Republic would be rebuilt, and the Jedi Order reformed under a new set of teachings), but then the Sith Emperor managed to take control of the civil war, drawing it out long enough for the Republic to grow complacent, when he catches them unprepared.

He may have had to make his move rather early, since Revan and the Exile would have eventually returned to Republic space and had them make their move.
Personally, the civil war theory appeals to me, but i don't know about the Emperor playing the whole situation thing.
I would see something like Revan and Exile start a civil war that actually jeopardizes/poses a valid threat to the Sith Empire, creating a destabilizing and destructive machine that rolls on even after their own deaths, which is only vanquished about 100 years from TOR (100 years because the Sith Empire would need time to recover from the civil war, and then amass enough power to stage a war of their own).

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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