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Galactic Republic now Recruiting

Hi, I am GR_Firehawk_OS and I'm recruiting members for my new Clan

We're the Galactic Republic, formerly the New Republic of the games Tachyon, Tribes 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault and numerous other games, I also designed alot of stuff for Jedi Knight and Star Trek Bridge Commander

for now the rebirth of the of the clan will be Republic Commando only though we hope to expand eventually,

anyway there no tests nor (for now anyway ) ranks except squad leaders

the plan is for 6 squads intially and they will be identified by the armor colours/designs

Omega Squad (I command them ) wear the black Night ops

Alpha Squad Wear the Ranger? armor the Green and white armor Fixer wears

Delta Squad will wear the Sniper red armor that Sev wears

Skirata Squad wear the Recon Yellow and Blue armor

Vengeance Squad will wear the Demolitions Armor that Scorch wears

Phantom Squad Will wear the white amor you have to put the code in to get

just tell me who you are, your username in the game and your e-mail and your prefered armor

Remember I'ma 9 year vetern of online gaming and clans, you are in safe hands with me

so whos in?
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