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Tyathe was walking through the village with Emily and Kyuzo at his side. No long in his demon form he looked less threatening then he had before. Though he much preferred to be in his demon form, it was more natural to him and less crampted. Rain started to fall out of the sky as they were walking around. Tyathe looked up at the dark clouds above allowing the rain drops to fall upon his smooth skin and flow gently down his face. Then in the background of his thoughts he heard the human girl speak.

"Hey, Tyathe? Have you... um... have you ever seen the Seer before?"

"Yes, in fact I have" he said said to her "Though one thing you must know about the seer. Is that the seer can be anywhere and anything. It doesn't exist in any real plane that we understand, but still exists everywhere."

In the distance he saw an inn he knew very well, or at least he did when he came here years ago. Leading them to the inn he could hear the commotion from the gaurds as they passed. Apperently the town was now under attack.

"Get inside both of you, and hurry" he said to the human female, and Kyuzo.

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