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Tyathe walked into the inn after his companions and merged in with the crowd. Emily and Kyuzo would sit and wait the seer was near by, the scent was unmistakable. He walked over to the bar feeling his long hair sway from side to side across his back. With out his fur you could see the several scars he bore. He sat down upon the wooden bar stool and waved down one of the bar maids.

Tyathe watched as the bar maid walked gracefully closer to him. Her movements seemed like she was floating above the ground. Her hair was long and dark, her eyes were a shimmering purple. Her face was young and pure, or at least that's what this paticular being chose to be at the time.

"Its been a long time Tyathe" her voice was soft and gentle. Just the sound of it alone would relax any normal being bringing them into a state of bliss.

"Indeed it has, seer" he told her as his folded his clawed fingers together.

"You should be more careful about your companions" she said to him while looking over his shoulder.

Tyathe turned his head and looked over at them, seeing what appeared to be some old person. Being maybe able to change they're appearance but the scent they edmit never changes. With a small sigh he turned his head back to look at the seer.

"Sometimes, both sides need to be experienced before one can make a wise choice. I believe even the 'samurai' knows that." Tyathe said "Besides I'm curious as to what role that girl plays in all this."

The seer leaned over the bar and got close to his ear. Tyathe stayed perfectly still as he could feel her cold breath along the side of his neck.

"The role she plays is her choice. But the power she holds, is not." she whispered softly into his ear before disappearing into a shimmer of smoke.

Tyathe let out a sigh and looked down at his folded hands before turning around on the stool and watched the elderly person communicate with Emily and Kyuzo. Even if Emily went some where that would be hard to follow, he would be able to find her, no matter what. And how he could do that was his own little secrete.

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