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Cade walked through the Command Deck of his new ship, titled The Ossanian Angel. He walked up the ramp, which led to a small platform overlooking the galaxy map. He noticed it was hologram began flickering.

"Nale!" Cade called beneath him. The Iridonian mechanic Nale pulled himself out of a hatch that led into the bowles of the hologram projector.

"I dont believe this..." Nale muttered. "That greasy rat has chewed on the power cabling."

Cades eyes narrowed, as they moved to the cockpit, where Lyna was sitting.

"Lyna!" he called. "I thought I told you get rid of that thing?!"

Nale breathed a heavy sigh. "Its going to take me overnight to replace these cables..."

The Angel was dashing through Hyperspace, on its way to Socorro which was a few hours away.

The Ossanian Angel used to be an Imperial Ship, which was schedualed to be dismantled to recycle the parts. Cade managed reboot it back online when he found it on Raxus Prime, before it was about to be dismantled by the Jawas. It took months to repair and refurnish, and alot of credits.
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