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Nar Shaadaa. The galaxy's pit for criminals and smugglers, and now the home of the Sith. It wasn't Korriban, but it'll have to do for now. The Malevolent One, a Pellaeon ship unlike any other, was in orbit above it.

Darth Sethos stared out the bridge, into the dark metallic planet that lay below. Thousands of ships were moving at any one time. The distance of the Malevolent One from the planet below made them look like ants to Sethos, squirming and crawling around the vast crevices of Nar Shaadaa. It didn't look like it yet, It didn't seem like it yet, but Nar Shaadaa is now the home of the Sith. Down below, in its lowest corners are secret training facilities, secret bases, and much more. It was a place where the New Sith, the Bloodbringers roamed.

As Sethos was observing the bridge below, a strong noise began resonating in his mind. It sounded like millions of bees buzzing at different times, making an irritating bzzzt noise. The noise got louder and louder until...

Sethos was sleeping as a creature jumped up on his lap. This shocked Sethos, who immediately and profusely woke up after. Sethos looked down, or rather the person he was looked down. He tried hard to control himself, trying very hard to look up. He realized he wasn't himself after all. A large buzzing noise was heard in Sethos's head again, making way for the inevitable...

RETURN. Sethos was back in his own body, now in control of it. He again saw the life of the planet Nar Shaadaa. It took Sethos a few minutes of meditation to realize what was happening, but now he has.

"The survivor. It is time!"

Sethos screamed at the bridge of his ship, where every crew member started looking at him. One brave soldier operating a terminal dared approach him and ask if he was okay.

"The survivor. It is time!"

Sethos screamed again. His eyes were now devoid of the irises they once had. He pointed at the soldier who approached him. The next sight was particularly gruesome. It seemed that every bone in the soldier's body was conspiring to get out, and the next second, they did. A mass of blood and bones remained in the spot where the soldier once was, and his face peeled off his skull. Onlookers watched on in horror.

And alas, the next moment, Sethos was back to normal again. He retreated backward, as if he was dazed at what he had just done. Not that he realized what he did, of course. But one thing is sure. It is time.

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