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Dravin Crees sat in the corner boon in the Golden Gorg Cantina, upon the Crimson Axe. The seat wasn't particular comfortable but it would do. Stretching his arms across the top of the chair he listened to another person trying to make a deal for a smuggling job. Dravin has had several run in's with this person before, each promising ton's of credits.

"And.. how much would this particular job pay? Corris" Dravin said in a relaxed tone as he tiled his head back.

"Well that's the thing Dravin" Corris said hesitantly "I was wondering if this run would be more like a favor. Once I sell the goods though I'll pay you. Promise"

"You know where my hand is Corris. It's upon my blaster. And you know how accurate I can be." Dravin said, his head still resting against the back of the seat.

Then mixed with with all the background noise of the Cantina he heard a chair screach backwards and Corris run off. Dravin shifted a little in his seat quite pleased with himself. He didn't do jobs for fee, and never would. A small smile spread across his face as he relaxed there listening to the music play, and the laughter of the patrons. For now Dravin was in his own little paradise.

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