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"Lyna!" he called. "I thought I told you get rid of that thing?!"

The young woman glanced back at Cade, wondering what he meant. Then she glared at him. She realized that he was talking about Cyan. "No! Cade, you know that Cyan is my little companion. She'd never do anything to hurt anyone. Unless something bad happens. How come you--"

Cyan snarled at Cade, as her little fur began to stand and she showed her little teeth. Lyna held the little binjingphant back. "Easy, Cyan. Easy girl..." She smiled up at Cade. "See? That's her way of saying... uh... she likes you."

Nale breathed a heavy sigh. "Its going to take me overnight to replace these cables..."

Lyna squinted her eyes at Nale curiously. "Why? What happened to the cable?"
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