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"General Resnik, Captain Evans to see you." Evans heard the secretary announce his presence to General Resnik.

"The General will see you now." The secretary said to him as she led him into the office, where he was greeted by the sight of an older man who looked extremely fit and only a few years his senior.

"Bill." Mark said, nodding to his friend.

"Mark!" The General looked at his rank insignia for a moment before asking incredulously. "How the hell are you only a captain? You've put in 40 years!"

"Humanity seems to have little use for it's Child Soldiers anymore." Evans said neutrally, his voice's lack of inflection revealing his disgust with humanity's lack of gratitude.

"Anyway, Bill, what do you need me for?"

"You're the best damn tracker in the Army, Mark, and we've just received intelligence that The Plague is going to be making an endgame move against us soon." Evans winced, it was a fear in the back of every human's mind that The Plague would soon descend upon this world that they'd made their home.

"I assume we're doing something about it?" Evans asked.

"Of course, Mark." Resnik replied. "We're sending out a team comprised of those who are either the best in their field or who were persuaded to help us. Anyway, it's a better selection than there was to work with back in '50, there shouldn't be any issues."

Resnik handed Evans a personal file. "Even though you're the ranking officer, it's not your show. Guy by the name of Null. I've never heard of him, though I've been doing SpecOps long enough to know a fake name when I see one. He's a Sergeant Major, so an NCO that knows his job."

Resnik reached out a hand which Evans shook. "Remember Mark, this isn't 40 years ago, they aren't kids."

"That's the problem, isn't it?" Evans replied.

((PK, CN, you guys reminded at all of UWS? Just seems to be a lot of references back to it after rereading the BCC))

((Wow, how many acronyms can I come up with and use in two sentences!??!))

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