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Null was glad the session with the government officials, now he needed to meet with the general as soon as possible. He took the shuttle out of the building and made his way as quickly to the EMF headquarters. He walked down a long hallway until he reached a secretary. He marched right up to her and told him his name and the urgency of his meeting with him. She reluctantly pointed to a door and he walked to the room. He opened the door and saw the general speaking to another and by the looks of his uniform it was a captain. A beam of light reflected off of his mirror like visor from his helmet which was now on his head. He saluted both and shut the door behind him.

"General Resnik, I appologize for my interuption but I need to speak with you asap. I'm Master Sergeant Null sir. I've just spoken to the higher ups and from the looks of it they want to send the enitre army in an all out assault where all I can see is more deaths than kills for us. I trust you got my request about sending myself and 11 others rather than the whole army. I'm going to cut to the chase here sir...we're going to capture a Plague cruiser."

((Well I did like the whole strike team thing, plus its going to be needed for Eridanus's counter attack.))
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