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Originally Posted by Man'O'waR View Post
On this game we play as Heavy Metal rodie who must lead his army against Glam Metal, correct? But the third trailer featured the song Dr. Feelgood, by Motley Crue.
If Glam Metal is our enemy why did they put Dr feelgood on the trailer? I just love the song, and the trailer was awesome, but if we going to fight Glam rockers they shouldn't use one of MC's song, Motley crue is one of the most important and influent Glam Metal bands, they are, probably, the fathers of Glam Metal era.
Wait, maybe Tim doesn't think MC is glam (They are Heavier then other Glam bands like Ratt and Poison) or maybe because MC has one of the most famous Heavy Metal umlauts (Mötley Crüe)?
And Lemmy is playing one of the main characters in the game...

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