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Originally Posted by Parmenides View Post
No, just requesting story ideas is all.

Never thought about changing chronology, very interesting. Though I don't think it is necessary to change chronology. Bastila could be older than we thought.
Here's an interesting DSM Revan idea.

Via some daring raid led by what few Jedi are left to them, the Jedi Council manage to capture DS Bastila. They hold her hostage, assuming Revan will negotiate for her release. Revan knows they'll never let her go, and anyway she was inching uncomfortably close to challenging him for his crown, so tells them to go ahead and lop her head off. Shortly thereafter Revan departs for the Unknown Regions.

With no more Revan, there's no more need for Bastila. But just in case Revan were to ever return, the Jedi spare her life, instead deciding to cut her off from the Force. She's angry at both sides, so starts her exile as a neutral.
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