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Deck sat behind a table of an interrogation room, with his hands cuffed to prevent escape. He breathed a heavy sigh; waiting for the representative of the Military to arive and speak with him.

He wasnt in any typical interogation room like you would see on Earth. It was more like a chamber, in the shape of a bubble. A blue neon light circled the entire room, which was assumed to be some type of security camera.

The door across from him opened, and a well suited man with two escort bodyguards accompanied him. He sat down opposite of Deck.

"Afternoon, Officer." Deck greeted. "I'd shake you hand, but...." he raised his cuffed hands. "Well, you know..."

"Dont get smart with me Deck!" the Officer Representative barked. He opened his suit case and placed it on the table. It revealed a built-in holographic projector, which then displayed a hovering image of Deck's profile and criminal record.

"Thievery... Black Marketing... Illegal Salvaging..." The officer read outloud. "And kidnapping?"

"Its not kidnapping if she wanted off that backwater planet of hers." Deck reminised. "She was a really cute girl..."

The officer exchanged a disgusted look. "Yes well... Its a suprise the Military has given you this great offer. At least you havent commited any crimes which resulted in the death of an innocent life."

He shut off the Hologram. "Your actions on Gandon have earned you an alternative to a life of imprisonment. You will serve a team of 11 elite squad members - they could really use your skills when coming in handy. Think of it as community service."

"Get to the point!" Deck barked. "Whats the job?"

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