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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Yes but we are talking a different Clone Wars... in 2002, when AOTC had been released, Dark Horse, Del-ray and Lucasarts got to work on the Clone Wars Comics, Novels and games, and it was GOOD! the "Republic" Comic lines headed by artist Jan Duursema, perfectly portrayed the 3 year Struggle, it was dark and edgy with awesome artwork and cohesion between mediums... Republic Commando was further use of this thinking. Then after ROTS came out George decided to reboot the Clone Wars again, as Saturday morning TV for 3 year olds. It's not the same imo
I have fond memories of reading the Dark Horse Republic comics, and I was always wowed by the stories, art, and dark themes. Stuff like the Battle of Kamino, Jabim, and everything related to the twisted life of Quinlan Vos was awesome!

Too bad Lucas isn't spending time trying to replicate things like this, instead of a cartoon show.

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