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"No, dammit, I said to activate the stabilizers after you rerouted the power!" came a sudden shout from behind one set of doors, before Tech burst through them with a scowl on his face and his hand next to his communicator earpiece. Covered in engine grease, grim from god knows what, and smelling like oil, the only thing that stood out just as much as him were his replacement parts that bore a metallic tint of used tools.

A garbled reply seemed to infuriate the man even more, when he said "If I come back and see so much as a nanometer of misalignment in the graviton coils then I will shove my foot so far up your @$$ that Satan himself will cringe. Am I CLEAR?"

That comment received a mute reply, and Tech terminated the communication. Then he turned towards everyone else to the room, grinned, and casually said "Sorry there, a bit of miscommunication in R&D. Tech reporting for duty."
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