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General Resnik looked around at the group of soldiers that were slowly forming in his office.

Who the hell said this meeting could be here, whatever as long as they all listen

"Listen up ladies, we don't have much time to talk right now so I'm going to make my speech short,sweet, and to the point. Listen up to Master Sergeant Null, and Captain Evans. They'll be your superior officers and you will listen to them."

Null gave a slight nod and approached the group. He looked at a soldier in the room who had the same armor as him.

Is he from Torak?

Null quickly shook the thought off and took a deep breath.

"As you are all probably aware of, The Plague are on their way to stop us. Many attempts have been made to fighting The Plague, but no one has been able to do anything. That's why sending our entire army right away won't be a good idea. I know sending 12 men sounds like suicide but I got a plan. We're going out there in one ship and turning off all systems, making us dead in space. The Plague should take the bait and from there we prepare a bording party. We take over the The Plague Cruiser, with their technology on our side we should be able to turn the tides of battle. Or at least cause enough confusion to let us escape."
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