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Yes I am using an admin account and setting affinity didnt work prior to my using the "Show all Processes" which is odd because the list didnt change... it worked after but still no effect on the crash issue with explosions when the frame buffer effects is enabled, there a fix available for this frame buffer problem other than just disabling that?

I would like to be able to play the game with it turned on as when the "Frame Buffer Effects" is disabled as i mentioned in the last post, anything that uses Stealth can be seen without the camo effect. It will be the normal graphic for the model + a shield effect around them with what looks to be a electrical current(best i can describe it, i guess the current is what you'd normally see when something is destealthed from stealth but is seen all the time running like this)

Edit. I was playing around with a few player made mods on the site here, visual improvements and such and seem to have fixed my issue somehow... i tested it alot to make sure... used about 40 grenades of all types to see if i could crash myself (before 1 ion grenade was enough to do it) and cant seem to reproduce the issue. Thank you for attempting to help solve this issue, guess just needed some override files

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