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Sethos's breakdown had caused quite a commotion with his crew, and he had to crush the throats of five men he overheard talking about him. This action normally gives him satisfaction, but he was too worried at the time. He was worried and curious about his out-of-body experience, with him being put into the perspective of someone else. He left the comforts of the bridge and went to his personal meditation chamber. In it is a small pyramid figure in the middle. It was the Holocron of Emperor Palpatine, or as he is known around the Sith, Darth Sidious.

Sethos went inside the chambers, a big red room with walls covered with red writing. The writing was in the ancient Sith language, something only the greatest of Sith can read, much less comprehend. Sethos bent over then picked up the Holocron.

"I call on you, Sidious. I seek your counsel." Sethos focused all his force on the holocron, and it opened, revealing a hologram of Emperor Palpatine. The holocron was, as Sethos learned from Palpatine himself, much harder to open than your average holocron, and one might find himself exhausted after he opens it. Sethos is a bit tired now, but he knew that whatever information Palpatine will divulge will be worth it.

The hologram stared at Sethos, then cackled. "I knew it. You'd be back eventually."

Darth Sethos was not scared by the image projected by Palpatine, neither by his intimidation tactics.
"I have had an out-of-body experience", Sethos uttered to the hologram.

Palpatine, or rather his soul stored in the holocron, seemed more interested now. He looked at Sethos a bit more attentively.

Sethos reveled in the fact that Palpatine was interested in him now more than ever. IT seems that plans of conquest are not what attracts the attention of Palpatine, but rather ancient Sith mysteries. "I have envisioned myself looking out from the eyes of another person. After a few seconds of being in this trance, I found myself wielding great power.. and not being in control of myself."

Palpatine cackled once again. "These are ancient Sith curses. Or gifts if you will. The first vision, that of being in another person's body, is known as The Acclaimed One. The Ancient Sith spirits guide you, Sethos. The second, of wielding great power but not being able to control yourself, is the Triumph of the Dead. A person or people you have killed claims that you are about to be put out of power soon. These signs being at the same time might give you a meaning. Farewell."

The holocron closed and fell to the ground, as of by its own volition. Sethos knew he couldn't open it until he needs it again, and he had to meditate to regain his lost strength. So meditate he did.

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