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((Here, Darth Scorcher. This is a binjinphant: ))

Lyna rested on the co-pilot chair again, with Cyan resting on her lap as well. Earlier, she somehow felt a disturbance in the Force. As if it was something... cold and dark. Lyna couldn't point out what it was, but all she knew was that it was something that stung her body like a small needle.

Maybe... she'd meditate on this. Or maybe she could get answers from a Jedi Master. But who? Only time would tell...

Suddenly, Lyna heard a small beeping sound from one of the control panels. They were almost near Socorro. The young woman picked up Cyan, and held her in her arms. Then she got up from the seat, and ran out of the cockpit to find Cade.

Finally, she got to where Cade was. "Cade. We're almost at Socorro. The signal started to "beep", so... just wanted to let ya know." Lyna looked at Cade, biting her lower lip nervously.
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