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"Is this a bad time?"

Null turned his head to look at the new person.

"We're getting ready to board our ship, I'll brief you along the way."

"How exactly are we going to take over the Plague cruiser? We can't just board it with all guns blazing."

Null was about to speak when the soldier that looked like him spoke him. He gave a slight chuckle to the soldier's plan and admired his spirit.

"Not a bad plan, if you don't count the Plague being aware of us there. The plan is simple. We use the ship as bait for The Plague. While they send a boarding party to board our ship, we'll have already exited. From here will enter through their cruiser through the hangar. We make our way through the ship killing the Plague covertly. I made sure the men on this squad were skilled in the art of stealth so this won't be a problem. We upload the AI to the bridge of the cruiser and let him take control. The AI downloads all the information thats on the cruiser and get out of there asap."
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