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My first post here...

Ok, so I love this idea. I will be the first person to preorder this game if LucasArts does make it, or something similar.

My 2 cents for the next Republic Commando (or similar) game:
-There is a long list of Clone names you can choose for your soldier at the beginning of the game (this way voice dialogue can still occur with your trooper and others) - similar to how some sports games have you select names so the announcers can say it
-Instead of having set a set clone as the main protagonist, it is your clone: you choose its name and you customize it
-For customization, I imagine a system where you choose everything about your clone (which is used in campaign and mp).
-- You start off with basic armor and gear, but eventually unlock all different stuff, such as visors, accessories, different armor (including Phase I), etc*
-- You also unlock color variations and designs for your armor. Think of all the different clone armor designs, now imagine being able to select up to three of them in any color, any layer order on each section- helmet, chest, arms/shoulders, legs.
-- After some unlocking, you can also change the color/camo of your armor (realistic - no pinks, purples, etc)
-- Also, I don't know if this is possible or wanted even, but how about being able to change the color/camo of the clone's "underwear" (what they wear underneath armor, almost always black).

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