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The Malevolent One had just left hyperspace, and Darth Sethos now sits on his bridge, meditating on his thoughts. He had ordered the ship to come here by his own impulse, and he had to figure out what was here. The survivor?, he thought to himself. He kept meditating for a long time, while The Malevolent One remained idle, near the desert world that is Socorro.

No crewmember dared to break the eerie silence that surrounded the ship, seeing full well what happened to those who did. Everyone looked for a job to do, a thing that needed doing.

And Sethos kept meditating, for it was his purpose at the time to try and find out.. his purpose. He tried to open the holocron once again earlier, but alas, Palpatine remained elusive. And without a Master to guide him, Sethos was alone in the dark. There had to be a reason for this. The ancient Sith did not guide me here for nothing.

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