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Null nodded away through Tech's plan and waited until he finished.

"I do like your plan about jamming their communications and its something we'll be doing but I'm not sure about that other plan. We'll need all the air we get and gassing the ship might kill some of us too...especially if its Azrael."

Null and Azrael never really saw eye to eye. They were a good team when they had to be paired up but neither really cared about the other's safety.

"Oh so wonderful are the drums of war. Plotting humanity's next suicidal attempt at its own salvation I see? How I delight in the notion of executing more Plague soon in a variety of excruciatingly painful or simply fun ways. The only thing I will detest is having to be stuck in a human for a part of our journey, even one as skilled with technology as Tech. I would much rather be destroying the cruiser with the power of my mighty flagship Vengeance."

"Okay Azrael how about this instead. You either go with Tech, or you go with me."
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