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"Okay Azrael how about this instead. You either go with Tech, or you go with me."

"Oh as delightful as that sounds my dear Sergeant, I'm afraid that is a generous offer I cannot accept. The last time we went on a mission together, I recall that you used my storage crystal to kill a Plague since you have long since run out of ammo. I must say, putting together my personality after that was fun but dreadfully long and boring at the same time. I promise not to get you electrocuted this time, my dead Null." Azrael chuckled in response.

"Well, we're not going in without sealed suits right?" Tech asked, completely ignoring the AI. "After all, if you were going to board a foreign ship, you wouldn't give them the chance to kill you with something as simple as depressurization or gas. The Plague wouldn't be that stupid either, which is why I suggested the traps for the airlock."
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