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A slight smile came across Dravin's face as he wondered around the Docking Bay. So many choices of ships today. Some of them looked like they could use some work, while others looked to be in top condition. Dravin didn't really mind taking the beat up ships because then it would be easier to change the codes to the vessel to make it appear that he was the rightful owner. Granted being a thief wasn't entirely in his true nature, but when it came to do or die, he would do what he needed too. Suddenly there was a slight tingling feeling through his head. This happened from time to time to warn him of danger or any sort of trouble. But this time it seemed a little different.

Peeking up his head a little he glanced around trying to see if he could pin point it. All he saw was a mass of humans, duro's, and rodians alike wondering around The Crimson Axe docking bay. Shrugining it of he continued for his prize ship.

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