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"Oh yes! Let's get something to eat first, then get another assignment. What'cha think, Cade?"

"Thats the basic equivilance to what I said, so there wont be much difference..." he left the cockpit and exited the ship through the ramp. The levels around the dome held ports and platforms for other ships to dock. The Ossanian Angel had parked onto 1st level above the ground.

The crew took the elevator, through the lobby and outside. Vakeyya was very brightly lit at night. Speeders zoomed by above there heads, and there were crowds of people walking on the red sand. Music could be heard from the background.

This was Cade's kind of place. They blended in with the crowd, heading for one of the Entertainment Squares; where it consisted of cantina's, diners and all sorts of places where Smugglers, Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries like to hang out.

But Cade felt unease. He could feel the presence of somebody familiar behind him. He looked back; no recognisable faces. He dismissed his feeling of paranoia, and thought about other things. But still, to be in this type of place it was worth people keeping their guard up. Cade always did.
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