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Originally Posted by Jona View Post
GF runs with a native resolution of 640x480. The game should switch to that mode when you start it up anyway.

Please post a screenshot of what you mean by 'pixel losses'. GF runs fine on my ATi Radeon 4850 HD on an iMac with full hardware acceleration.

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I posted this pics in another thread here earlier this year, you there replied on them that you think its caused by my graphic driver
i have tested alot of latest catalyst versions since i took this pics, it simply doenst wanna work on any of them

Perhaps if it exist some special inofficial radeon driver optimized to solve game troubles? when i still hade Geforce i know it existed such drivers atleast
or i must have some direction how to sett the latest catalyst drive right for Grim, there are tripple buffering, advanced AI etc, as we all know, perhaps thei can screw it up, but in my opinion i have tested all kinds of setting combinations, still i wouldnt trust on myself here
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