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"Thats the basic equivilance to what I said, so there wont be much difference..."

Lyna smiled at Cade. "Of course..."

Later, after they left The Ossanian Angel, Lyna, along with Cade, Nale, and Cyan, walked down the streets of Vakeyya. It looked a little crowded, but that didn't bother her. Deep inside, however, she was afraid of this place. Especially the mastermind that resided the Crimson Axe... Rav, the Feeorin. She didn't like him much, and was also afraid of him. But knew that she had to work for him, no matter what.

Suddenly, Lyna felt a disturbance in the Force. Something... or someone... was here, on this planet. And they weren't far. She could feel a strong darkness as well...

"Cade? Um... are we almost there at the cantina yet? I... I need someplace to sit..." Lyna asked in a soft-spoken voice.
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