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Cylax had to walk on the sides of the streets in order to avoid people running into him. He looked up at Cade's group, and kept his eyes fixed on the jedi. He knew he could easily take a shot now, but there was no fun in that. Cade's death would be be far too quick and painless. He wouldn't know the pain that Cylax had went through; Cylax would make sure he did. He almost jumped back when Cade turned his head around. Cylax stopped moving and did not move a muscle. He waited a few seconds after Cade turned back around before moving. He hadn't even attacked yet and Cade was already uneasy. Things were looking good for Cylax. Now how would he get Cade alone from the others? His eyes darted around the streets until they caught the back of a woman's head. It was that girl that was always following him around...Lyna Honso. He could use her as bait to get Skywalker, but how to isolate her as well? He looked down at the small creature that was with them and smiled. He could easily get that stupid beast to run away from the group. He was slowly forming the plan in his head while he waited for the group to rest.
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