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"I promise not to get you electrocuted this time, my dead Null."

"You know I find that hard to believe, but I'm sure my good friend Tech will make sure it doesn't happen again."

"Well, Master Sergeant Null's armor is sealed, right, and since the EMF copied the Torakian design, so is mine, and most of the EMF's too," Carsew said. "So that wouldn't be a problem, it should be able to take the gassing."

Null looked over at Carsew.

Ah, so that's why their armor looks like mine. I really wish someone would have mentioned that to me earlier...better late than never I guess.

"Yes, my suit is armor sealed. The suit allows me to stay in space for thirty minutes. If that's the case we can set up a trap for the boarding party while we cut a whole through the line they'll set up to board us. If were going to gas the rest of them, then were going to need to do it fast."

General Resnik listened in on the plan until he caught a soldier fast asleep outside of his office. He opened the doors and looked at the soldier's tags for a name. With a closed fist he hit the soldier on top of the head.

"Damnit Larson get up! This is not the time for napping!"
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