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"Sir, the Red Beelte is prepared to land." FH-78 said, Austin glared at the droid.
"I know," He replied, "And don't bother with talking with other droids, I hate it when you get carried away, then I have to give you a memory wipe, you know I hate it when you grow a personality." The droid didn't seem offended by this, as it had lost it's emotions from the last memory wipe.
"The equipment is ready for your employer, fifty blaster rifles for each box of two boxes."
"Did you double check?" Austin asked.
"Why yes, yes I did sir," FH answered proudly.
"Good," Austin said, the droid was growing a personality again, but this wasn't the best time to perform a memory wipe. He pressed a few buttons on the control panel which deactivated the Beetles cloaked status, he then opened up a comm channel.
"Red Beetle requesting permission to land in Vakkeyya." He said.
"Vakkeya Dock Control 4 is processing you request." Said a rodian.
"Any day now," Austin said to himself.
"Red Beetle, this is Vakkeyya Dock Control 4, your permission has been granted, proceed to docking bay 25." Said the rodian.
"Affirmative," Austin replied. The Bettle had landed in the hangar, fortunately he landed in just the right spot for Kalor his employer.
"Alright FH, let's get these supplies out of the ship and get to Kalor." he said.
"Affirmative, sir" Replied FH-78.
"Hopefully this goes quickly, trandoshans are known to be impatient." Austin said to himself.

((I seem to like dialogue ))

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