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"Cade? Um... are we almost there at the cantina yet? I... I need someplace to sit..."

"Wanna piggy-back then?" Cade jested. "We're almost there..."

He could sense Lyna's felt disturbance. Her and him both; they were being followed. Nale sighed behind them.

I have never seen a moment where she and that pet of hers have ever seperated... he thought.

"Wouldnt it be wise to leave that pet of your back on the ship?" Nale added. Then he took a moment to think about what he said. "Actually, I take that back! That thing would probably cause more work for me to do if we leave it on the ship..."

"I agree..." Cade whispered, making sure Lyna couldnt hear that remark of his.

Eventually the group approached the cantina Cade had in mind of visiting. They moved through the crowd of drunk people, and into the dining area where it seemed slightly more civilised.
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