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Still am waiting on a reply with the latest patcher but I recently got an email from him which is a good sign. I still need help on several problems.

Anyways new projects I forgot to mention earlier.

New Dopak Head Mod v2: Practically done. Finishing up portraits and screenshots.

Items of Revan v2: Done. Just waiting on a reply email from SithSpecter asking to include his flowing cape fix with some edits to it made by me.

Walking Animation Fix v2: Done. Getting ready to submit for review. Includes requested TSL Running Animation Fix.

TSL Texture Improvement Mod: A long ways to go. Wondering about recruiting.

*EDIT* Forgot to mention my Dual Colored Saber Staffs: Done. Waiting on a reply from svosh to use the negotiator saber model. If no reply by Thanksgiving, will use oldflash's model he gave me permission to use.


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