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"Wanna piggy-back then?" Cade jested. "We're almost there..."

"Always gotta be the funny bone," Lyna thought with a warm smile.

"Wouldnt it be wise to leave that pet of your back on the ship?" Nale added. Then he took a moment to think about what he said. "Actually, I take that back! That thing would probably cause more work for me to do if we leave it on the ship..."

Cyan looked up at Nale, and squealed. It was as if she knew what everyone was saying. She jumped from the ground and on Lyna's shoulder. The young woman smiled at her, and patted the little binjinphant's head.

They were finally inside the cantina Cade wanted to go to. It was a good thing that Lyna was with Cade and Nale, otherwise, these guys would try and hit on her.

Sitting at the table that was good for them, Lyna looked down, playing with her fingers. She still wondered what that strange feeling was. As if... someone with the Dark Side was here... searching for something. Or someone.
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